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FOX Business
Jul 24, 2013 9:20am EDT
. they make the global hawk planes and defensive electronics. they reported profits and they are doing so well with their earnings and raised their full-year forecast. stuart: can we say it is a drone stock? i bet we could say that. thank you very much, indeed. we are now down 29 points. we had been down 60. music streaming might kill, seriously hurt the music business. moses avalon joins us now. it is helping to really hurt the artist. the musicians. >> artist and musicians get paid on royalty. they rely on those entities to properly exploit and capitalize on the work. what happens when the people you trusted to properly capitalize on the work make a shortsighted deal that puts very little money and the artists pocket. stuart: spot of five does not pay much for the music they are playing? >> i do not want to vilify spot of five. labels love this. it is like selling your inventory wholesale. stuart: you represent the artists. the musicians, the guys who create the music, they get the short end of the music. >> they do. stuart: they have to adjust to technology. we are not going back to vinyl r
FOX Business
Jul 31, 2013 9:20am EDT
. how they can be defensive. we have with us red tiger security at this conference in vegas this week. all right, jonathan. >> i'm classifying you guys at the good guys. your hacking operation, but you're the good guys, i've got that. i want you to tell our viewers, what is the scareiest hack that you see out there? >> okay. so, this is really interesting. i was walking by this little setup, and a lot of these crazy antennas sticking up out of this thing and there's a hacked cell phone tower that people brought into the convention to show you can hack into the cell phone network and a huge plasma screen and pictures people are sending each other and set up a man in the middle cell phone tower if you're not looking at your cell phone, it will jump on to the cell phone tower and they'll scrape everything you've doing with your phone, clone your phone and get the messages you're sending off your phone, it was pretty interesting. stuart: that's frightening. really is. but what about hacking into bank accounts or investment accounts? for a lot of our viewers, this is a financial program, t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2